About Me



I am Gabrielle, known to many as Brie, the creative spirit of Documented Journey, where the intimate act of journaling transforms into a broader canvas of artistic expression. Born into a family rich in creativity, I've always seen the world as a living canvas.

My journals serve as the seeds from which my art grows—each page a testament to life's simple moments and grand adventures. They are chronicles of personal evolution, and from these private narratives springs forth a larger artistic vision. This process is not just about recording time; it's about the layers of experiences that build the story of who I am as an artist. The sketches and impressions that begin within the confines of a journal often find new life in expansive pieces, evolving into art that adorns walls, products that are held in hands, and illustrations that spark the imagination.

These larger creations are extensions of my core philosophy: art as an echo of life's journey, rendered with materials that honor the earth that inspires them. My art is a blend of delicate ballpoint lines and soft watercolor washes, capturing the ephemeral beauty of nature and the personal narratives of life's journey, as chronicled in my journals. In pursuing eco-friendly and vegan practices, my art is not just a celebration of the world's beauty but also a commitment to its preservation.

In this solitary expedition, my tools are simple yet profound. The precision of ballpoint paired with the fluidity of watercolor mirrors my journey—meticulous yet free, structured yet boundless. Through these mediums, I document moments and create with materials that resonate with my deep respect for the natural world. It's a practice that is not only dedicated to artistry but also honors my responsibility towards the environment, reflecting a harmonious blend of artistic intention and ecological consciousness.

At the heart of my work is the desire to inspire. To those new to keeping a sketchbook or journal, I say: ask yourself what you wish to capture, what stories you want to tell, what memories you want to preserve. Your journal is your sanctuary, a personal retreat where 'all the matters' is what resonates with you. Together, let's document the world;s wild simplicity, preserving our memories as we go and inspiring one another with every stroke of ink and color. 


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